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Services and activities Online: Discussion, Set Archives, Building Standards, MOC Highlights, Roleplay Gaming, How-To Articles
Year founded September 14, 2003
Membership type(s) None, register to post
Membership cost Free
Target audience Fans of LEGO 13 years old or older, with a particular interest in the LEGO Castle theme
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About is a discussion site and community with resources and articles centered around the LEGO theme of Castle. It derives its name from the first series of Castle sets which are today known as Classic Castle.

History was founded as a community effort by Anthony Sava, Troy Cefaratti, Leonard Hoffman, Benjamin Ellermann, and Kevin Blocksidge. Classic-Castle was launched September 14, 2003. Two other admins have joined in the months following the founding of Nathan Wells and Bruce Hietbrink. Each admin has a specific section to manage. In 2005, Classic-Castle was hacked, though not as severly as other LEGO Community sites. The forums were down, but Troy Cefaratti acted quickly and had them up and running in a day. Luckily, no real damage was sustained.

Classic Castle City Standard

An early achievement by the community was the creation and successful implementation of the Classic Castle City standard (Sometimes abbreviated CCC) which is a framework for the cooperative display of Castle MOCs. In many ways the ideas and discussions of the creation of CCC was responsible for the early growth and success of the Classic-Castle site as the two were virtually indistinguishable in the first months of operation. Having many of the early members of CC meet at fests and build CCC displays reinforced the community and has made it one of the most successful LEGO subcultures to date.

The Duty Of The Admins

Classic-Castle is owned and run jointly by the seven admins listed above. Troy Cefaratti provides for all the hosting and domain fees. Each admin has a specific job and section of the site to manage.

Technical Information Forums are based on the open-source phpBB bulletin board package. Using BBCode, you can apply formatting to your forum posts.

They use the GTChat chat engine.

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