Chicago LEGO Builders

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Chicago LEGO Builders

Website URL
Services and activities Real Life: Meetings and displays
Online: Yahoo discussion group, website
Year founded 2004
Membership type(s) Open
Membership cost Free
Target audience General interest but geographic:
ALEs in the Chicago, IL, USA area.
Discussion groups? Members only Yahoo group, open announcement group,

This group may be defunct. See also: Chicago Area LEGO Users Group

CLB (Chicago LEGO Builders) is the LUG for Chicago, IL, USA and the surrounding areas (Northern Indiana, Northern Illinois, & Southwestern Michigan.)


CLB was founded in March of 2004 as a Yahoo discussion group. In August of 2004, "Chicago LEGO Builders" became the official name.


CLB has no formal structure.


CLB has occasional meetings and its members have participated in a variety of local displays.

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