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Logo for Central Ohio LEGO Train Group (COLTC)

Central Ohio LEGO Train Group (COLTC)

Website URL www.coltc.org
Services and activities Real Life: Meetings, shows and displays
Online: website and forums
Year founded 2003
Membership type(s) 2 classes, Associate for 14 to under 18,
Full for 18 and over.
Participation at display and meeting
is required to gain membership
Membership cost $20/year
Target audience General interest but geographic:
AFOLs in the central Ohio, USA area.
Discussion groups? Yes, open to all except one group which requires registration

The Central Ohio LEGO Train Group (COLTC) is the LTC for central Ohio and the surrounding areas (Cleveland, Cincinnati)



COLTC is the Central Ohio LEGO Train Club -- with website located here -- was founded on February 9, 2003 by five adult fans of LEGO® (AFOL). The non-profit club participates and organizes displays of creations made of the popular LEGO® brand building bricks. Currently, the club has around 20 adult members and two junior members and has expanded to include members in Dayton, Cleveland and Cincinnati.


Meetings are held about every other month, often at one of the many Panera Bread locations around Columbus. A typical meeting lasts several hours, often encompassing an entire afternoon. New and prospective adult members are welcome at attend at any time.


COLTC holds a major display at various locations about once a month. Most displays are within the state of Ohio, with occaisional excursions to neighboring states and BrickFest. Some 2005 displays include the Ohio State Fair, the National Train Show, Marcon, COSI Toledo and Columbus GATS. Listings and photos from past displays can be seen on the COLTC website.


  • With his model of Drayton Hall, Vice President Paul Janssen won the grand prize in 2005's Build the Trust contest.
  • COLTC was the host club for the 2005 National Train Show, held in Cincinnati.
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