Captain Redbeard

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Captain Redbeard
Redbeard was the first minifig to have anything other than the classic smiley face.

Captain Redbeard is the (obviously) redbearded minifigure that has appeared in many sets of the LEGO Pirates theme, including most of the larger pirate vessel sets. He has a peg leg, a hook hand, and an eye patch. Redbeard is possibly the most common of the famous minifigs, at least of those having a decorated (non-smiley) face.

He first appeared in set Blackseas Barracuda (6285). In addition to that and numerous other pirate sets, he has also been seen in the LEGO Racers and Soccer Mania Category:Video Games.

According to promotional material, and a Pirate Comic, Redbeard is a free spirit who has a habit of enduring all manner of high seas adventure in order to thwart the efforts of the Imperial Soldiers to apprehend him.

According to another BrickWikian, Redbeard was originally known as Captain Roger, but only in Lego Chess

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