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C3 is a LEGO clone manufactured by Art Asylum, and first released in 2004. The name refers to the phrase "Construct, Customize, Conquer." The line is notable for using MiniMates as figures, and for producing Justice League and Batman sets.

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C3 did quite a few Batman sets as well as small Justice League sets, and although they cease production when TLG assumed the Batman brick license, they still retain the DC Marvel and other licenses to do minimates under the Art Asylum name, and these minimates are still made with sockets on the soles of the feet to be compatible with baseplates for Lego system dioramas. If you want to add DC heroes, Battlestar Galactica, or the X-men to your mocs, these quite available with new material coming out every month.

See a complete listing of C3 sets over on bloks.hyperboards forum

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