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Logo for Byggepladen


Website URL
Services and activities Real life: Meetings, Exhibitions.
Online: Discussion and Community
Year founded 2003
Membership type(s) Membership required
Membership cost 180 DKK/year
Target audience AFOLs in Denmark
Discussion groups? Membership required for full access to our forums and attendance to shows, meetings etc.

Byggepladen is a group for Danish LEGO fans, mostly adult. Members are located across the entire country. The term Byggepladen is Danish for Baseplate.


Byggepladen was founded on 7th June 2003. The founders were Kecia Hansen, Lars Gjerløw Jørgensen, Martin Bruun, Christian Lindblad Rasmussen, Carsten Straaberg, Lars Hector Lange and René Hoffmann. On May 25th 2006 Byggepladen reached the milestone of 100 members.


Byggepladen is an active community; here are some of the more notable events and activities:

  • Annual event called Klodsfest in March or April.
  • Annual trip to LEGOLAND Billund.
  • Members privately host meetings with different topics, like racing Dirt Crushers, building the sets you never got to open and more.
  • Competitions with prizes held online.
  • LEGO Fan Weekend in Skærbæk (Jutland, Denmark) early Autumn.

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