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LEGO brand toys have been extremely popular for many years and in many countries. There are lots of places to buy LEGO products. The best place to buy LEGO products depends on (1) what you're looking for; (2) what your resources are (time and money), and (3) where you live. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Shop at Home (aka S@H, LEGO Direct, aka LEGO Service) This location can be accessed online, by phone or by mail. They sell sets, accessory packs and spare parts. They even offer occasional discounts and special sets not sold in stores. They publish a catalog several times a year. To get the catalog, call 1-860-763-4011 in the US or Canada. In Europe most of the sets marked "not sold in stores" in North America are actually sold in stores. All LEGO sets except the very tiniest include a leaflet in the package with numbers and addresses for Shop-at-Home in relevant countries, along with a mini-catalog.
    • LEGO Brand Stores sell nothing but LEGO products. They have the best selection of sets available in any stores, complimentary shipping for any set not in stock and a loyalty program that earns points towards gift certificates depending on how much customers spend.
  • Garage sales, flea markets, car boot sales, jumble sales, thrift stores, charity stores, classified ads and the like. These places often have used LEGO products, but they sell very quickly.
  • Independent toy stores are sometimes more expensive but occasionally a good place to find discontinued sets or old inventory.
  • Large chain toy stores such as [Toys R Us] often have a large selection of current sets and occasionally a selection of older sets. Sometimes they have good prices and good sales, especially when they need to clear their inventory. Sometimes large chains have exclusive or limited edition item, especially at Christmas time, such as Set 65766: Thomas Bridge & Tunnel Set which was a collection of sets available at Toys R Us before Christmas 2005.
  • Department stores
  • Discount department stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, etc. Sometimes the selection is good and sometimes it is poor. Often, the prices are good on current sets. Sometimes they have older sets in their inventory, but more often they have clearance sales regularly. This is often the best place to find bulk brick buckets and tubs. Some large "superstores" also have LEGO and can be good places to buy current sets.
  • Public Internet auction sites such as eBay are one of the easiest places to find old and rare sets, but they can be very expensive. You can also sometimes find lots of used parts but condition can vary widely.
  • Independent piece sale internet sites such as BrickLink sell specific pieces and colors as a straight sale not an auction, usually you specify the quantity you want and that's what you get. Prices vary from one store to another, as do shipping costs and whether the store will ship outside its home country.
  • LEGO Fan conventions often offer sales areas where vendors offer LEGO and related merchandise for sale.

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