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The Bull Knights (sometimes just Bulls) are a castle faction introduced in 2000 with Knights' Kingdom. They are depicted as fighting against King Leo and his knights with an overwhelming arsenal of siege weapons. They are so named because their livery uses a picture of a bull's head.


There are 3 distinct characters within the faction:

  • Cedric the Bull (the leader)
  • Gilbert The Bad
  • Weezil

The Bulls are the only castle faction whose sets did not include a structure for them to occupy (with the arguable exception of the Rogue Knights).


The Bulls were featured in the following sets:

  • Fire Cart (1288) (Kabaya set)
  • Catapult (1289) (Kabaya set)
  • Axe Cart (4806)
  • Fire Attack (4807)
  • Dragon Rider (4818)
  • Rebel Chariot (4819)
  • Catapult Crusher (6032)
  • King Leo's Castle (6091/6098)
  • Guarded Treasury (6094)
  • Royal Joust (6095)
  • Bull's Attack (6096)

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