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A Build a Minifig Box (also BAM Box, Minifig Bar, Build a fig) is a feature of many LEGO brand stores which has an assortment of minifig parts and accessories separate from the Pick a brick wall. The minifig parts are located in a 4-sided kiosk. Each side has 4 compartments. Each compartment will contain either heads, torsos, legs, head wear or handheld accessories. A complete minifig consists of 1 of each of these.

There is a plastic container (the "box") that holds 3 minifigs. A BAM Box of 3 complete minifigs can be purchased for around $10 USD (as of November 2012). The variety of minifig parts available at a LEGO store can vary widely from store to store, often more so than the Pick-A-Brick. About a year after the release of the first wave of Collectible Minifigures, parts from that theme started showing up in the BAM assortments.

When TLC would open a new LEGO store, it used to be customary for them to give out a special store-opening set to the first barrage of customers; typically something small enough that an adult could hold it in their hand. Sometime in 2011 TLC began giving out sets of 3 minifigs in a BAM Box in place of the small sets. However, the minifigs in the store-opening assortments were unique because they had a special printing on the backs of their torsos that told the location of the new store and the year of its grand opening.

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