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  • To request an article choose the edit or + tab above. Don't forget to sign your name by ending your post with: ~~~~
  • If you have created an article that has been requested, please put an indented comment saying you have done so after the initial request so we can all know its been done and we can move it to the completed list.


One of my visions for the BrickWiki was a timeline based history of fan groups. Is this possible?

Steve Barile

It is certainly possible and a very interesting idea. Good chance to test out Lar's timeline templates. Is there anyone here knows much about pre-Lugnet history? I vaguely know from Pause magazine on but before that... one thing that might be worth adding is when Lego decided to ban sites from using their name. I do remember that event happening and think it is an important historical moment, particularly when combined with Lego's later willingness to work with the community. Tim 09:23, 8 October 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)

(Wasn't sure whether my response to Lar should go on the main page or the Talk page. Feel free to move...) I agree that themes could use more work. I'm personally a minifig-theme-only AFOL, but if BrickWiki is to be truly comprehensive, I would argue that DUPLO, FABULAND, Clikits, Model Team, Bionicle, and these other non-minifig themes should also be represented. Peeron has an excellent themes tree I peruse regularly. Time permitting, I'd be willing to create superstubs for all of the missing themes, just so BrickWiki can have a similar structure in place. Any objections? Andrew 11:53 19 October 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)

No objections here. I think it's a great idea. Just starting off a superstub is good as it gives newbies a place to start. I sometimes give superstubs a basic structure so people can add to sections they feel confident about. (see prototype trains (Netherlands)) for an example. Tim 16:13, 19 October 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)

theme improvements

Lar here, I think the themes are a bit weak so far and could stand work. I have been thinking about creating a ThemeBox similar to the template:ConnectionTypeBox I created for the Connection System articles. If such a box were created, would it help people enter more theme info? I was thinking that the box should have

  • Theme name
  • Official/Fan
  • Release years
  • supertheme(s)
  • SubTheme(s)
  • Related themes (or perhaps Adversaries/Allies?)
  • color scheme with colors (Mapping ldraw to html colors would be helpful, I know that's out there somewhere)
  • representative minifig pic (if we can suss how to link in external images that will be easier)

is that the right info? What about non minifig themes, does it sitll make sense for Model Team or Bionicle? Maybe the ThemeBox should be MinifigBasedThemeBox ?? Lar 20 July 2005 12:07 (Eastern Daylight Time)

I'm with lar on calling it MinifigBasedThemeBox rather than altering the general theme box. Not keen on Adversaries/Allies at all. Related themes is much more general and better IMO. I think a description of the colours is better than swatches, how would you deal with classic space for example? Tim 13:29, 13 June 2007 (EDT)
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