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Moved from the main page

This page is meant to contain a formal statement of BrickWiki's guidelines and rules. To ensure that only approved content is signed as BrickWiki policy, please mark any proposals/ideas as such. Thanks. --Venkatesh 17 July 2005 16:53 (Eastern Daylight Time)

That said, there are a few good things to perhaps keep in mind. The Five Pillars of Wikipedia might offer some food for thought. We don't necessarily have to slavishly follow what Wikipedia did but it could be argued that assuming good intent, seeking consensus, being bold in your edits, writing in the NPOV, writing in encyclopedic style, etc., are good ideas... (from Lar)

A lot of Wikipedia's guidelines developed through tradition; I was going to let common sense reign here until a system naturally develops and then codify that. Each wiki community seems to develop their own modus operandi and premature rules might not be in line with that. If you take a look at Wikipedia's Five Pillars, you would find that pillar 1 (Wikipedia is an encyclopedia) is obvious here - BrickWiki is a Lego Encyclopedia. Pillar 2, enforcing NPOV, is not necessary in the field of LEGOs and might not even be desirable in BrickWiki. There aren't many controversial topics when dealing with Bricks. Pillar 3, (wikipedia is free-content), is required here too - we used the GFDL and it is almost impossible to change that. Pillar 4 is interesting in that it is fairly vague - it requires respect for other points-of-view. I think that a simple statement, copied from many Fire Department SOPs, "All members will deal with each other in a civil manner on this Wiki." would cover this. And pillar 5 is a codification of the concept "Be Bold". I think that it is too early to write guidelines beyond requesting members to be civil to one another and requiring members to respect the copyright. --Venkatesh 17 July 2005 16:50 (Eastern Daylight Time)
I should have put my suggestions on the talk page, I guess, it's your wiki, not mine, sorry about that. As to whether they make sense or not, I'll defer to your experience and support whatever way you want to leave it. I do think advocating that people be bold is goodness though! I think that's an important point. As for controversy, you'd be surprised... the LEGO hobby has had lots of it. ++Lar 17 July 2005 16:57 (Eastern Daylight Time)
LEGO has controversy? Please tell me more! --Venkatesh 17 July 2005 16:59 (Eastern Daylight Time)


I miss this quote, I think it was cool.

  • If rules make you nervous and depressed, and not desirous of participating in the wiki, then ignore them entirely and go about your business -Early edition of Wikipedia

also the statement that this is an official policy page is helpful in my view. I'd revert. (just sayin...) ++Lar 20 July 2005 15:48 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Oh wow. I forgot to put that back. I was going to put it back as an image with cool fonts et al., but rather than forget to do that again, I'll put it back. --Venkatesh 20 July 2005 19:09 (Eastern Daylight Time)


since this page is pointed to by the userid confirmation system (At least the rejection template does although What Links Here doesn't show it), is a revamp in order? Something a bit more about what this site is for and what sorts of things to put here? ++Lar: t/c 19:36, 28 July 2012 (CDT)

I don't see a reason to modify the four existing rules. I do think a no spam, no vandalism guideline needs added. We could move What BrickWiki is not here. --ALITTLESlow: t/c 18:44, 4 August 2012 (CDT)
Yes, to both suggestions. Tedward 11:28, 7 August 2012 (CDT)
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