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Could an admin add a link to Susan Williams article in the last section of this page? Thanks. Tedward 18:41, 21 December 2008 (EST)

I guess it got missed. Consider this a little bump. Tedward 18:44, 29 March 2009 (EDT)
I almost missed the bump since you've been so busy... :) (and thanks for that!) Check out this diff [1] and if that's not what you have in mind propose the exact wording (with formatting) here so I get it right. ++Lar: t/c 16:08, 31 March 2009 (EDT)
Thanks for spotting this. I was wondering if anyone would see it in the flurry of small edits. RE: formatting, I was just thinking that the name Susan Williams should be linked. Tedward 15:37, 1 April 2009 (EDT)
That was my first impulse but it would have been the only link in the entire quote so I went with the parenthetical. Suits? ++Lar: t/c 16:02, 1 April 2009 (EDT)
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