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Archive of Sandbox

Timeline testing

Eras of the LEGO ALE community formation
Kjeld era (1954-1971)  

- Kjeld on box covers
- Kjeld made president of The LEGO Company

Ben Beneke Era (1971-1997)  
  1. Ben gets his first set as a gift
  2. Ben writes his first letter to LEGO complaining about color changes
  3. Ben writes his first history post to

LEGO Maniac Era(1997-1997)  
  • LEGO invents this guy
  • LEGO decides they like Timmy better

James Mathis Era(1997-present)  
  • James discovers the internet
  • James sells LEGO a bunch of neat sets that LEGO wrecks
  • James teaches Ben about SNOT
What comes next? only you, the LEGO Maniac can say for sure

As you can see this supports an arbitrary number of chunks. I think I am going to make a theme box set of templates that support this idea as well. They won't need Divs but the header part will need to take a number that represents how many colors the theme has. Stay tuned ++Lar 29 July 2005 21:31 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Here's the code for that box

 {{TimelineHead|Title=Eras of the LEGO [[ALE]] community formation}}
 {{TimelineEra |bgColor = lightgreen
               |Era = Kjeld era (1954-1971)
 - [[Kjekd Kirk Kristiansen|Kjeld]] on box covers<br>
 - Kjeld made president of [[The LEGO company]]
 {{TimelineEra |bgColor = lightBlue
               |Era = Ben Beneke Era (1971-1997)
 #Ben gets his first set as a gift<br>
 #Ben writes his first letter to LEGO complaining about color changes<br>
 #Ben writes his first history post to [[]]
 {{TimelineEra |bgColor = tan
               |Era = LEGO Maniac Era(1997-1997)
 *LEGO invents this guy
 *LEGO decides they like [[Timmy]] better
 {{TimelineEra |bgColor = pink
               |Era = James Mathis Era(1997-present)
 *James discovers the internet<br>
 *James sells LEGO a bunch of neat sets that LEGO wrecks<br>
 *James teaches Ben about [[SNOT]]
 {{TimelineFoot|Description=What comes next? only you, 
 the [[Zack the LEGO maniac|LEGO Maniac]] can say for sure}}

As you can see, I use newlines and spaces liberally to make it easier to see what is going on.

Brilliant work Lar, great use of subtemplates to get it all working. Perhaps we can rewrite Timeline3 to use yours as I imagine it will still have a use as three is a very common choice of subdivisions. Tim 30 July 2005 06:39 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Replacing Timeline3

K, well I gave a try to replacing the contents of Timeline3 with template invocations. Doesn't work, (I could tell in preview, so no need to save it so it's not saved) The helps (wikipedia:Help:A_quick_guide_to_templates and scroll to FAQ, last question) say that you can not always nest templates. you can use a template invocation inside another one for content but NOT as a parameter or you get premature termination.

Here is the code I was trying, it fails, you get extra trailing curlies


{{TimelineEra |bgColor = {{{Col1}}}
              |Era = {{{Era1}}}
              |Milestones=   {{{Milestones1}}} 
{{TimelineEra |bgColor = {{{Col2}}}
              |Era = {{{Era2}}}
              |Milestones=   {{{Milestones2}}} }}
{{TimelineEra |bgColor = {{{Col3}}}
              |Era = {{{Era3}}}
              |Milestones=   {{{Milestones3}}} }}
{{TimelineFoot|Description={{{Description}}} }}

The trains article would just have to be changed to use template chunk invocation directly instead of timeline3, and this also has negative implications for some of my ideas about how to do color inclusion. Sigh. Templates are wonderful but just not as powerful as I'd like. ++Lar 30 July 2005 08:46 (Eastern Daylight Time)

That is a pity. I don't know why MediaWiki has such weak templates. It is very frustrating. I suspect it might be a difficult programming task which is uncompleted and (possibly) given a faux-philosophical meaning somewhere. Grrr! I'm almost tempted to learn PHP just to see if MediaWiki could be hacked to be made more powerful but I suspect more talented programmers than I are probably looking at the problem. Thanks for trying. Tim 30 July 2005 08:51 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Other stuff

So, how does this work? (no need for html tags I see).

Welcome to the Sandbox! This page is to allow you to carry out experiments and learn how wikis work. Please do feel free to try your skills at formatting here. To edit, click here or edit this page at the top of the page, make your changes in the dialog box, and click the Save page button when yopooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,jlbvcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx* Item Three

<math>x^2 + y^2 = z^2</math> And now a signature follows (- - ~ ~ ~):

--Phillip Thorne 15:58, 13 Jul 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)


testing --Crabby 11:56, 14 Jul 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)


Does clear change the font back? I like Geneva as a city but not as a font. (Zurich is better though) Grr, no it doesn't

Roses are red
Violets are blue
LEGO better not change...
Those colors too!

Test of the color templates. I don't currently think they work but I like the idea of them... but I digress

Is a wiki case sensitive? lego Lego [[lEgo]] and the answer seems to be Yes. --Tim

test the Test template


Part of System? Yes
Representative Minifig
Theme colors color parm as arg to font tag test: 1
color parm as enclosed in wath tag style test
#0: Black
color parm as arg to swath tag test:
#0: Black
Release Year 1987
Fan Developed? No
Part of theme: Space
Subthemes: None

Timeline test

History of LEGO Trains
Blue era (1966 - 1979) 1966 - First trains

19XX - New battery box

Grey era (1980 - 1990) Super station launched

9V era (1991 - Present) 2001 Shop@Home launches exclusive trains

2002 Super Chief model released

Why on earth does the fixed width not work. I really hate HTML tables. What an unbelievable poor standard.

Some text to go along side: Just how wide is the outer table I wonder asjdk ajkdl asjdlk asdjlk gjafdl asfljk adflkj alkfj adslfkj asfdjl afsjkl asdlkjf asdjflk asljfk adsflkj Tim 27 July 2005 06:09 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Not sure I think it should run slanted... For another take on timelines, check out 'pedia SovLeaders where the timeline is separate from the info... ++Lar 27 July 2005 07:27 (Eastern Daylight Time)

I agree with your point but find the Soviet leaders list horrible and confusing. The timeline goes up whilst the list goes down. That is awful. I'll change the template.
Think of it as an example of how not to do it. As you noted elswhere I think. As for this instead of having a fixed number of entries I think a scheme that allows for timeline chunks of arbitrary numbers will be better. (will require multiple templates) Give me a few days to get to it, if I'm not making sense...++Lar 28 July 2005 10:35 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Dynamic page lists

List of all technique related categories <DynamicPageList> category=Techniques </DynamicPageList>

What is a good movie for the new diff engine to play with?

This is another test of the olympic games and the diff engine.

Diff3 test

Can't test it by myself apparently. New changes override other self changes.


The Mets rule

Chunked ThemeBox test


Part of
Primary usage
#3: Teal
#1: Blue
Uniform color
#17: Light Green
Canopy color
#12: Light Red
Release Year 1991
Fan Developed? No
Part of theme: Castle
Subthemes: Wolfpack,Rock Raiders
Related themes Fright Knights

external image

Standard IMG tag from html. This <img href=> gives this:

<img href=>

just the http link, naked, with no tagging. This gives this:

linking to Peeron is not a good practice, I am just testing something and wanted a small image.

wow, that means that just giving a link transcludes it. I did not know that!

Try that again! Here is something from Legofan, raw link only, no tagging

hmm, it knew that wasn't a image? Or is it peeron that is getting special treatment? Lets try another small image from a random place (IBM logo) gives:

It decides based on file extension. By default it's gif, png, jpg and jpeg, but can be changed in Parser.php. So images like will show up as links, even though they're actually images. ROSCO 18:04:11, 2005-09-20 (Eastern Daylight Time)


Trivia box

Can you break me? Edit this text and see if you can make me do something unexpected. HTML italics on "text"

Can you break me? Edit this text and see if you can make me do something unexpected. Wiki italics on "text"

it appears quotes, italics, and bold will all work well. Great! Feel free to try to break the box! Tim 13:06, 5 August 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)

  • This is a terribly, wonderfully good idea. --Venkatesh 14:17:51, 2005-08-07 (Eastern Daylight Time)
  • If you try to make italics with the hmtl i tag instead of the wiki markup (though why would anyone want to do that?), it doesn't create non-italic type. BuilderQ 14:40, 7 August 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)
I thought that would break it too. But as you say, why would anyone want to do that. Tim 14:42, 7 August 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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