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Requests for adminship (RfA) is the process by which the BW community decides who will become administrators who are users with access to additional technical features that aid in maintenance. Users can either submit their own requests for adminship (self-nomination) or may be nominated by other users. This project page is based on the Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship.


About RfA and its process

The community grants administrator status to trusted users, so nominees should have been on BW long enough for people to determine whether they are trustworthy. Administrators are held to high standards of conduct because other editors often turn to them for help and advice, and because they have access to tools that can have a negative impact on users or content if carelessly applied.

Nomination standards

There are no official prerequisites for adminship, other than having an account and being trusted by other editors. The community looks for a variety of factors in candidates; discussion can be intense. If you are unsure about nominating yourself or another user for adminship, you may first wish to consult a few editors you respect, so as to get an idea of what the community might think of your request.


If you wish to nominate someone else, check with them on their talk page before making the nomination page. Nominations may only be added by the candidate or after the candidate has signed the acceptance of the nomination.

Once you are ready to create a nomination page then type the following into your browser address bar Brickwiki:Requests for adminship/USERNAME, with your name replacing USERNAME. You can copy the format from this model users nomination page.

Once the page has been created add the name to the Current Nominations section of: Brickwiki:Requests for adminship/nominations

Discussion and decision

Nominations remain posted for a minimum of seven days from the time the nomination is posted on this page, during which users give their opinions, ask questions, and make comments. This discussion process is not a vote. After an appropriate discussion period, an admin will review the discussion to see whether there is a consensus for promotion.

Consensus at RFA is not determined by surpassing a numerical threshold. The judgment of passing is subject to bureaucratic discretion (and in some cases further discussion). In determining the RfA's success or failure, generally only Support and Oppose comments are considered. Neutral (and other relevant information) may be considered for determining consensus by the closing admin.

If your nomination fails, then please wait for a reasonable period of time (at least three months) before renominating yourself or accepting another nomination.

Once a consensus is reached the nominations page will be updated by an admin.

Expressing opinions

Every BrickWikian is welcome to comment on or ask questions of nominees provided such are polite and relevant to the nomination. The nominee may respond to the comments and questions of others.

Certain comments may be discounted if there are suspicions of fraud. Please explain your opinion by including a short explanation of your reasoning. Your input (positive or negative) will carry more weight if supported by evidence. In nominations where consensus is unclear, detailed explanations behind your position will have more impact than positions with no explanations or simple comments such as "yep" and "no way".

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