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The Founding of BrickWiki

BrickWiki started as an idea by Jamie Bliss and was developed further by Venkatesh Srinivas. It was discussed on lugnet.general. The English language edition launched on June 25, 2005 and for many years was hosted by the Johns Hopkins University ACM.

Part 2: The Early Years


February 12th: Feb 2006 Snow Downtime Report
February 1st: January Summary, 8257 Visitor
December 12th: Name the new server
December 8th: Tim Gould made a sysop
November 22nd: Our first Donations request
November 14th: BrickWiki available via SSL [1]

The Rebirth of 2012

In early 2012 Venkatesh Srinivas found a back-up of the BW data and restored the site (albeit with editing turned off). Tedward, one of the last admins appointed before the disappearance noticed it was back online and plans were quickly hatched led by Larry Pieniazek to move the data onto a new server. Thanks to the work of Brian Alano and Jeramy Spurgeon the new BW was up and running in May, 2012 hosted by Jeramy's web services company, Site Orchard.

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