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oudarbocsi Many internet users are visually impaired to some degree. This ranges from completely blind through to mildly colour blind (which affects about 10% of males of European descent). Included below are some guidelines for aiding these users by making your images 'friendly' for them.

Please note these are guidelines only. If you follow them your image should be kind to visually impaired persons however they are not intended a requirement.


General Friendliness

When adding an image to a page, always try to add a good descriptive alternate text. That way a user who is listening to, or reading with Braille can know what is there.

Colour Blind Friendliness

When generating an image, the following guidelines will help to make it 'friendly' for colour blind users.

  • Some colour pairs should be avoided: red and green, dark grey and green, greys and bleys, orange and yellow.
  • Some colours should be avoided entirely: dark red, dark green, dark blue, very light grey, light yellow, dark or light colours in general (note that shades of grey are typically OK)
  • Images should try to use greys only (plus white and black), or if neccesary only the traditional LEGO red, blue and yellow as well.1
  • If possible, test the image for differentiation in greyscale (as mentioned before, most peoples rods work well and these essentially see grey scale)

Furthermore, if you are generating images from LDraw it is nice to render in LDView, LDLite or LDGLite or with a large SEAMWIDTH in l3p so that the brick borders are clearly visible.

1 - In case you are unclear as to the LDraw numbers or color values suggested, the following table should help

Suggested colors
#15: White
#7: Gray
#8: Dark Gray
#0: Black
Suggested alternates
(if the above do not give you enough differentiation)
#4: Red
#1: Blue
#14: Yellow
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