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Brickish Association

Website URL
Services and activities Online: Member pages, discussion.
Printed:Brick Issue magazine
Real Life: Annual General Meeting,
scheduled outings and shows, activities with LEGOLAND Windsor
Year founded 2002
Membership type(s) Paid membership to read, post or participate
Membership cost 8 UKP/year
Target audience ALEs in the UK and Anglophiles and UK expats worldwide
Discussion groups? Yes, paid members only

"The UK forum for Adult Fans of LEGO®"

The Brickish Association is the UK based umbrella group for ALEs resident in the UK, or who just like to hang with those who live there.

It is both an organisation (with a governing body, bylaws, members, officers, an annual meeting, a newsletter, etc and dues) and a community, in that its website hosts discussion on a wide variety of topics as well as offering resources to members. It is a closed group, you must be a member to post there or even view postings.

The BA also publishes a paper newsletter The Brick Issue in March, July and November. PDF versions of back-issues are available to non-members on the BA website.

Membership currently costs 8 UKP a year.


The BA was founded in 2002. It was actually an outgrowth of the NBLTC train club, now a subclub of the BA.

The BA has done a number of events in conjunction with LEGO or at LEGOLAND Windsor.

Notable people

The Brickish is currently chaired by Simon Bennett but was formerly chaired by Tony Priestman, one of the founders. The other Committe members are; President Tony Priestman; Vice-Chairman Huw Millington; Treasurer Michael LeCount; Secretary Jon Reynolds.

The website is developed and administered by Huw Millington who is on the GlobalAFOL committee and who also runs, a set database resource.
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