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Logo for Brickipedia


Website URL
Services and activities Online: comprehensive set database with
reviews, news
Real Life: none
Year founded 2005
Membership type(s) Free to view, post reviews,
enter data and edit wiki
Membership cost free
Target audience collectors and builders
Discussion groups? Yes

Brickipedia is a LEGO wiki and online community founded in 2005. Brickipedia can be found at:

Like Brickset, Brickipedia has created a large database of sets including user reviews. Often providing the first look at upcoming products, Brickipedia also hosts a discussion forum and an area that shares MOCs similar to MOCpages but using the wiki interface.

Merger with BrickWiki

Created shortly after BrickWiki, Brickipedia has a large number of users. Despite occasional calls for a merger of these two wikis (and others) no consensus has ever been reached and each continues to serve the community of fans in different ways.

Split with Wikia

Around April, 2013, a large group of contributors, seeking independence from Wikia but legally unable to close the Brickipedia project, forked the content to a new site, hosted at Brickimedia.

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