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Brickforge is a custom elements supplier founded by RedBean & Kyle Peterson, AKA Armothe. They independently and together contribute to the minifig customization community in the way of custom minifigs, designs, templates, documentation and - most notably - their own brand of plastic-injected custom minifig accessories. Later, the Brickforge business was taken over entirely by Peterson.


The vast majority of products that Brickforge offers are plastic minifig accessories. The few non-plastic items that they sell are "swag" type items, such as shirts and stickers. Brickforge began their business specializing in medieval weaponry and armor, but over time they also offered several futuristic style firearms. While most of their products are combat oriented, they do have other minifig scale items, such as animals, musical instruments, beards, scooters, tools and mushrooms. Many Brickforge items are released in a wide variety of colors, including transparent colors, and some also include printing.

One of the things that Brickforge is known for is releasing new pieces for sale on a consistent basis. In fact it often appears that TLC is hot on the heels of them by releasing their own version of a Brickforge piece. Kyle Peterson has said that if he wants TLC to make a new piece, all he has to do is make it himself, and they will copy it. While there is no hard proof of this claim, it does seem to ring quite true when one looks at the new parts released by Brickforge in the last few years and then looks at the selection of newly molded minifig accessories in the Collectible Minifig series (ie. as the Roman Soldier]).

Physical Store

When Peterson took sole ownership of the Brickforge business, he and his wife Rachel ran the entire US end of the business from a room in their basement. (The products themselves are molded at a facility in China.) In June, 2011 Brickforge expanded by opening a physical store called Blokhedz in Yellow Springs, Ohio. They now operate their business from this location and have expanded into retail, selling regular non-custom products.

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