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A Brickfilm is a video created using LEGO elements often using stop-motion animation. These can be made by professionals working for LEGO (ie: commercials or promotional short films) or more often by amateurs taking advantage of the medium that many consider to be easier to work with for beginners than traditional claymation.

The earliest known brickfilm is from 1973 and was filmed on Super 8 film without sound1.

Digital Rendering

see also: Category:Digital LEGO.

In the 21st century the LEGO Group began to transition to using digital renderings of minifigs in commercials and promotional videos. These renderings became increasingly more realistic as the technology improved until the only way to tell an animation was not actually made using real plastic was the impossible range of movement of the minifigs arms and legs. In videos for sets released for the Hobbit feature films for example, the figures arm, legs and torsos bent and twisted in ways impossible to achieve with plastic minifihgures.


A popular feature of many conventions is the showing of brickfilms sometimes to the public and sometimes just to the builders in attendance.

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