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This article is about a themed attraction. For a book of that title go to Brick City (book).

Brick City is a private themed attraction in Niagara Falls, Canada featuring displays of MOCs built of LEGO elements.

Description and Reviews

Described by some as basically a large train layout, the attraction has garnered many negative reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor and Yelp. The main complaint seems to be that the cost is out of proportion for the entertainment provided by the fixed display and many parents expect there to be some form of building when they take their children to a LEGO attraction.

Relationship with The LEGO Group

The attraction is entirely privately owned with no formal connection to The LEGO Group (TLG) or Merlin Entertainments Group which operates the LEGOLAND parks. It is rumoured that sometime around 2007 TLG sent representatives to investigate acquiring the attraction in the busy tourist town but as of 2012 it is still a private operation without any affiliation - as is made clear by the operator.

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