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A Brick Badge is a stack of bricks that have a person's name and other information engraved or printed on the surface of the bricks. There is generally a magnet stuck to the reverse of the badge that allows it to be worn on a shirt (or, less frequently, other articles of clothing such as a cap or hat) . Brick Badges have become the standard name badges for attendees at LEGO fans events.

A typical Brick Badge is 1 stud deep and 6 to 8 studs wide, although the limits are determined by what can be engraved or printed. (Brick engraving and/or printing is a customization that is typically done by machine.) Bricks in a Brick Badge typically have information about the wearer, such as:

  • Name and/or nickname
  • Hometown
  • LUG that they belong to
  • Special position (at an event or in their LUG)

Fans often customize their brick badges by adding borders, battery-powered lights, sig-figs or other pieces to make it more interesting. Many AFOLs have an assortment of Brick Badges on display in their building area from different fan events over the years that they have attended, as a testament to their participation in the adult LEGO fan community.

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