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BrickQuest is, according to the author, Peter Guenther "Fantasy boardgaming in an ABS universe".

Put simply it is small scale fantasy combat/exploration game, played using LEGO. It is more like board games such as HeroQuest than like RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons.

It has some unique features which make for, according to its fans, an interesting and fun game

  • Player characters are LEGO minifigs on 4x4 plate bases (the floor is also marked out in 4x4 squares using plates of different colors
  • Player record keeping is done via a character sheet constructed entirely of LEGO. Hit points, mana, attacks and defenses, are recorded using 1x1 rounds and bricks on a small baseplate. The baseplate has a box as well for treasure collected.
  • The BrickMaster (essentially the Game Master) reveals rooms as the players advance, by bringing up modular sections of wall and floors and connecting them to the existing tableaux. He also runs the monsters which are typically LEGO creatures as well.
  • The only bad thing is that you need a lot of LEGO bricks to play.... not that we don't have enough already!

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