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Brickarms Logo c.2009.

BrickArms is a manufacturer of custom elements owned by Will Chapman.



A long time Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) and trainhead, Will was asked by his young son about WWII-era weaponry for his minifigs. The quest to fulfill his sons request spawned a business that is now arguably the largest arms supplier in the LEGO world.


BrickArms produces small arms and accessories based on historical and current prototypes. Weapons are designed with CAD software, and manufactured in the same manner as LEGO elements using ABS in injection molding machines.


  • WWII

Various weapons have been produced such as the German potato masher (M24 Steilhandgranate) and the Broomhandle Mauser(C96), as well as the new M1 Garand rifle. In 2007 BrickArms introduced custom minifigs using BrickArms wepons and specially created decals to create German and American infantry figures of varying ranks and configurations.

  • Modern

Post-WWII arms made up the bulk of production from the first two molds created by BrickArms. MP5 SMGs, a generic rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launcher and other pistols and assault rifles were later combined with custom minifigs to create generic terrorists which were heavily armed. Another custom figure introduced in early 2007 was a spy figure inspired by James Bond carrying a Walther pistol with silencer and carrying a briefcase-concealed Uzi SMG

  • Science Fiction

One of the weapons in the two original molds was based on the M41A 'Xeno' Pulse Rifle from the movie Aliens. A custom Colonial Marine figure was one of the first to be sold in the BrickArms line. Later additions included the PKD 2019 pistol from Blade Runner, as well as the Halo-insipired BA-M5 and BA-M6.


Accessories (not necessarily firearms-related) to complement the main product range.

  • Briefcase Uzi (Modified Lego suitcase containing a BrickArms Uzi
  • M1 Helmet, Brodie Helmet
  • MedKit, containing a custom-molded syringe and scalpel

BrickArms Forums

With the steady growth of BrickArms customers and fans, Will created a subsection on the main BrickArms site in September 2007, the BrickArms Forums. There are currently over 5,000 registered users as of 23 January 2010.

MOCs using BrickArms

By far one of the most popular subsections on the forums, users share their creations that feature various BrickArms products, ranging from various ficitional armed forces, Halo-inspired vigs/MOCs to the ever-popular Grunts webcomic by Doctor Sinister, a parody of military life amongst a contingent of minifig soldiers.

'A' Company

A sub-community within the BrickArms Forums, 'A' Company is a ongoing collection of MOCs, minifigure squads and 'technical reference documents' related to the fictional Lego States Army, 2nd Infantry Division, 'A' Company. A Company is created by BrickArms user Kaboom4.

The unit is composed of a Headquarters (HQ) Platoon, six Standard Infantry Platoons and a seventh Heavy Weapons Platoon for fire support, with six squads in each platoon. Forum members apply to join as squad leaders, some of whom get promoted occasionally as they begin to take on more responsibilities for managing the sub-community.

The three forum members currently managing 'A' Company are kaboom4 (Company Commander; Rank of Captain), obxcrew (Company Executive Officer; Rank of 1Lt.) and GreenLead (A non-Company Technical Advisor; Rank of Col.)

The level of technology depicted in 'A' Company has been termed the Transition Era, where many of the modern day weapons BrickArms offers like the M4, G36 and Mk48 work alongside fictional references to highly sophisticated communications networks similar to the real-life US Army Future Combat Systems program, as well as carbon nanofibre body armor and sublight transports like Dropships.

Comments and Suggestions

Another much-frequented subsection of the forums, users submit and discuss suggestions for future items they'd like BrickArms to offer, ranging from increasing the WWII and Modern-era ranges to more bizzare ones like Molotov Cocktails, baseball bats and crowbars.


To help foster creativity in the use of BrickArms products, the forums staff hold various competitions from time to time, with special edition products or pre-production prototypes as prizes. So far there has been a riddle contest to guess the names of the items now released as Series 3 items and a Halo vignette competition.

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