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A wide variety of books have been produced by The LEGO Company itself or in partnership with the company, by third-parties about the company and its products and others simply using LEGO elements as a medium for illustration.


Official Books

Books produced in-house or in partnership with other companies have been published in several languages and several formats. From comic books to hard cover deluxe editions, the list of official LEGO books includes such items as:

Dorling Kindersley

A large number of titles have been produced in partnership with the Dorling Kindersley company. The company which produces the well-known Eyewitness series of books for children has produced many visual guides including several based on licensed themes.

Books About LEGO

As the number of fans has grown so to the number of books aimed at the adult market produced by publishers unaffiliated with LEGO. These unofficial books include such titles as:

No Starch Press

In response to the maturing fan community No Starch Press has produced a large number of books relating to the LEGO hobby aimed primarily at adults.

Books Illustrated with LEGO

LEGO has long been used to create animated brickfilms but there have also been books illustrated with photographs of scenes built with LEGO elements. One of the earliest and most prolific such authors was Elbe Spurling (then known by her birth name, Brendan Powell Smith), creator of The Brick Testament.

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