Blacktron II

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Blacktron II TT.png

Blacktron II

Part of System? Yes
Representative Minifig
Theme colors Black White TrNeonGreen
Release Year 1991
Fan Developed? No
Part of theme: Space
Subthemes: None
Related themes Space Police II, M:Tron, Ice Planet 2002

Blacktron II is a Space sub-theme and a followup to the Blacktron theme. Blacktron II is characterized by its octagonal "B" logo and detachable bubble-like cockpits.

Theme Overview

Blacktron II are the bad guys of space and are enemies of Space Police II, M:Tron, and Ice Planet 2002. Unlike the original Blacktron sets, the Blacktron II used white more overtly in their sets.

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