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Blacktron TT.png


Part of
Main Body
#0: Black
#14: Yellow
#46: Trans Yellow
#36: Trans Red
Release Year 1987
Fan Developed? No
Part of theme: Space
Subthemes: None
Related themes Space Police, Futuron

Blacktron is an offical Space sub-theme released in 1987. Blacktron was later followed up by Blacktron II in 1991.

Theme Overview

Blacktron are the bad guys of early space, evil space pirates. It is unclear if they are from Earth or from outer space, but their appearance is humanoid. They frequently raid the Futuron bases and ships and only fear the Space Police.

Model Characteristics

The Blacktron sets were the first of the Lego space sets to truly have a constant theme. Unlike the Futuron and the space sets released before them, the Blacktron had the same uniform for every minifig and the same color palette for each set. The color scheme of Blacktron ships and stations are black and yellow, with yellow transparent windshields and canopies. Blacktron sets also feature transparent red cones and wings. Minifigs are all black with a gray pattern on the torsos. Blacktron (and Futuron) sets introduced the modern minifig helmet with foldable visor. These visors were solid black to cover up the standard smiley faces. Meteor Monitor, a Blacktron set released in 1990, did not follow the same color scheme of the other Blacktron sets. It used white as an accent color. Since this set was released after the other Blacktron sets and before the Blacktron II sets, it is thus considered in between the two series of sets.

Set List

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