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Big Ben Bricks is a manufacturer of Lego compatible bricks based in Portland, USA. Many AFOLs would not consider BBB a clone brand, as it only makes specialized parts of high quality, and does not make complete sets. BBB parts are designed to closely match the color and style of official Lego parts.

BBB parts may be purchased through the Big Ben Bricks website.

BBB Parts

BBB currently makes two main ranges: Train Wheels and Pneumatic parts.

Train Wheels

BBB Train Wheels were originally created out of frustration at the lack of large driver wheels for steam locomotives.

The BBB large driver wheels are spoked and flanged, have a cross hole designed to take a Technic axle, and a hole to take a technic pin to allow connecting rods to be attached. "Blind Drivers" are identical, but have no flange. These are designed where three or more pairs of wheels are used to allow the locomotive to negotiate corners.

Smaller spoked wheels have been added to the range. These are the same size as standard Lego train wheels, but are spoked and have a central cross hole for a Technic axle. This makes them useful in places where a train wheel holder is not desirable.

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