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BPB is an acronym for Baseplate Plus Brick. Used in creating terrain in MOC's BPB creates the opportunity to avoid overly flat terrain by using the possibilites created in a single brick thickness on top of a baseplate.


BPB is an integral part of the Base8 proposal created by Brendan Mauro which is an addition to (some would say modification of) the Classic Castle City standard.

BpB using Foamboard.
BpB using stacked plates.


There are different ways to achieve the desired height some of which can be easily achieved without the builders making any adjustments to their MOCs.

Especially cost-effective and easy to use is foamboard sections pre-cut into 10 inch by 10 inch squares which fit under a 32x32 baseplate. Cheaper than using LEGO elements and lightweight, foamboard is readily available from office supply stores and can be brought in large quantities by the organiser of a display.

Risers can also be constructed of LEGO elements on site with a few plates and any random baseplates available. This can be helpful if foamboard, cardboard or other non-LEGO solution is not available in sufficient quantities. Builders should be warned that modules placed on top of brick built risers may not be as stable unless supported sufficiently to prevent bending if pressure is applied from above when adding figures or other details to the landscape.

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