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The Base8 Modular Landscaping standard (aka Base8) is a Modular building standard developed by Brendan Mauro. The standard is an addition to (some would say modification of) the Classic Castle City standard that allows cooperative displays to feature detailed landscapes. While developed within the Castle community the standard can be used to create almost any landscape.



Base8 consists of a series of connected concepts that govern how neighbouring modules join together. Within a module builders are free to go higher or lower but must return to meet the agreed upon height along adjoining edges.


Modules consist of 8 x 8 stud 8cres (8 + acres) or multiples of this dimension (ie: 16x32, 48 x 48 etc). Square, rectangular or even more complex shapes can be used by individual builders so long as they conform to the multiples of 8 on any side.

Baspeplate Plus Brick (BPB)

The depth of the first layer of landscaping (what sits on the table) is Baseplate Plus Brick (aka BPB) which literally means one baseplate with a single brick on top. The depth can be made up of any combination that measures the same height and only applies on the edges that will join other modules.

Cliff section.


To increase the elevation using cliffs a rise of eight (8) bricks is used over a footprint of 4 studs.


To increase the elevation using a more gentle slope, use hills. Hills rise four (4) bricks is used over a footprint of 8 studs.

Classic Castle City Modules

Wall section in the CCC standard are placed in the middle of a 32x32 baseplate. These sections must be shifted slightly to mate with Base wall modules or custom transition sections must be built that connect at the two different points at each end.

Base8 CCC.jpg

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