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For a complete list of acronyms see: category:acronyms

As in any hobby the LEGO community has not only created or adapted many terms but has also created a number of acronyms. These abbreviations often begin in online forums where such shorthand is common.

see: wikipedia:acronym and wikipedia:Internet_slang

Acronyms fall into two broad categories: organizational and practical


Organizational acronyms are simply abbreviations of or related to LEGO User Groups (aka LUGs) or LEGO Train Clubs (aka LTCs). ILTCO and LUGNET are examples of organizational acronyms and it should be noted that these especially are seldom, if ever, expanded in print or online as the acronyms have become virtual trademarks to the point where may AFOLs are not aware what they actually stand for.

The category:LUGs collects these acronyms.


Many acronyms have arisen as building techniques and the hobby have evolved. SNOT refers to a building technique directly while BURP is actually a descriptor of an element used in creating MOCs (another acronym).

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